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Once upon a time…The story-telling graveyard
Cold wind is blowing. The sun squints between the bald branches of the trees, seagulls are screeching and a dog is barking. A few stray visitors amble over the Greyfriars Kirk in Edin­burgh. It is considered to be one of the scariest places on earth, at least accor­ding to some American broadcasting stations. Believing in [...]
29.03.2011 - 14:16:35 ...
Trendy Traditional
A lot of bagpipes: In Edinburgh the average tourist is overwhelmed by strange and new musical impressions. Whereas in Europe one listens to cultivated piano, in Edinburgh one listens to bagpipes. Whereas in Europe one enjoys serene guitar plucking, in Edinburgh there are bagpipes. For the slightly louder music taste there is saxophone, horn or [...]
02.03.2011 - 16:56:24
Berlin Hausbesetzungen
Squats or Hausbesetzungen have, particularly since the fall of the Wall, become an ever present and controversial feature of Berlin life. Although squatting in Berlin can be most clearly traced to Cold War Kreuzberg, during its politically active heyday, in modern Berlin most squats are based in the old East – Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg [...]
04.02.2011 - 15:11:18
This quirky waffle and coffee house is just a short walk from Eberswalder Strasse tube station and sits amongst some of the most trendy and offbeat clothes outlets in the area. Bullet holes pepper the building above the manufactured scruffiness of the wafflehouse fascia, a sinister reminder of the city’s tortured history. Yet in this [...]
09.01.2011 - 21:39:02
When East Met West
When the victorious Allies took control of Berlin at the con­clusion of the War in Europe, few would have guessed at the troubles that its inhabit­ants were yet to face. Already traumatised by the Second World War and the Nazi re­gime, the city would go on to become the ideological bat­tlefield of the Cold War, [...]
15.12.2010 - 16:15:09
Grave Night Out In Edinburgh
Forget The Grassmarket – the Tour ‘The City of the Dead’ is the perfect night out. Dark, drizzly, deserted and I secretly want to laugh. Greeted by a mascaralidded man draped in something that resembles Tim Burton’s keenest fan gear, I engage boisterously with others waiting on Royal Mile in ghostbelieving banter and taunting our [...]
30.11.2010 - 17:12:36
How to find your inner gourmet
Since Edinburgh lies right beside the sea shore, why not try the fresh seafood that is offered at several places around the city? It won’t cost you a fortune! Scotland has a large fishing area around its shores with seafood from the Atlantic west coast as well as the Shetland Isles in the North. It [...]
19.11.2010 - 17:07:14
Fundusverkauf: Welcome to the Carni­val
Outside, a huge gold swan straight from the fairground peers down from the second floor window; a mannequin sits slumped in a gold throne with a pink crown on his head and a mummy sits on a bench. Confused? Inspired? Curious? …Isn’t that the idea of Fundus­verkauf? Specialising in costumes and props used in films [...]
08.11.2010 - 14:32:21
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